One of the biggest misconceptions amongst men is that if a woman is not very sexually experienced (having a low amount of sexual partners) than she will be a better for long term commitments. This is absolutely not true. Sure I am sure someone can find some statistics that correlate between sexual activity and long term commitments but I can find a statistic that pretty much validates any argument.

Judging from personal experience, and seeing many of the quote unquote good girls (women having a low partner count) cheat when their boyfriend or hubby was not looking. I have come to realize that the count of previous sexual partners has nothing to do with how a woman will act. A woman is either cool to be around or she is not.

Growing up in the Midwest I knew of quite a few women that would play the low sexual partner game to trick men into relationships, often times with the men thinking they have found a woman that would cherish them forever. Then after the shady behavioral traits start to surface the men find themselves trapped in a relationship that their ego will not allow them to get out of.

Many men once they learn that their girlfriend or significant other has only had 2 to 4 sexual partners they automatically feel that their lives together will be harmonious. It only comes after when the woman starts nagging, complaining, trying to distract the man from his life goals, and constantly putting pressure on him to get rid of his close friend does the man learn that the sexual partner count has nothing to do with wether a woman will be manipulative, domineering, ball busting or an amalgamation of all three.

To make matters worse, woe be onto the man that finds out that his woman cheated on him because she felt that she missed out on a variety of partners early on in life. Just like men, women crave variety also. They may try to downplay this behavior but the desire is there, believe me. Just ask any male adult dancer how many married and committed women he ran through that were supposedly good girls.

Take it from me gents. Do not fall into this trap. A low partner count does not make up for psychosis.