I recently have been in kind of a slump. After traveling to many countries and having several great experiences I have been quietly contemplating what to do next. Problem is this quiet contemplation has taken me a couple of years now and I am just now coming to realize why this is. You see, looking for inspiration, in my down time I began to read quite a bit about other people that have been and continue to live life on their own terms. Though I recommend any man maintain a steady regimen of reading just as I recommend that every man maintain a healthy exercise regimen, I began to notice that I was starting to live vicariously through the authors that were writing the articles, books, and websites I was reading. This led me to the realization that instead of making plans to strike out on my own for the next phase in my life I had become content just reading about the lives of others. And this my friends is the problem.

Too many times I have met men who read websites like Roosh V, books like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  and quote Tim Ferris referendums on life without really living their own. One of the key secrets to life that I learned the hard way, is that you have to get out there and start living!

Right here right now, I am deciding to lead by example and will be jumping into the next phase of my life starting with a trip Thailand early next year. Do I have enough money to do so? The financial planner in my head is telling me no and there is a lingering fear that something will go wrong. But the hell with it, my gut is telling me to go for it and my gut has yet to let me down. If something bad happens I will learn from it. If it is one of the best trips of my life than all the better. The point I am trying to make here is sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and just go for it. I mean how could I be willing to tell guys do something when I am not willing to do it myself. After my Thailand trip I plan on surging full speed ahead by visiting many other countries all the while while trying to learn a new skill that I had been longing to develop for years. If I can do it I know anyone else can do it also.

The time is now gentlemen!